Meghan Markle and I are Totes Tight, Half Sister Alleges

With all the talk surrounding Meghan Markle and the family into which she’s about to become a member, a certain someone would like to remind folks about Meghan Markle’s actual family.

She has been granting interviews and trying to get her name out there on a frequent basis for several months now.

In the latest case of Grant attempting to capitalize off her sibling’s fame, Grant sat down and spoke to Fox News about various rumors surrounding the soon-to-be Mrs. Prince Harry.

“Don’t believe anything you read in tabloids,” Grant says. “Those stories are written to create controversy and sell magazines.”

In this initial case, the topic at hand was chatter that Markle would be walked down the aisle by her mother, NOT her father, because she isn’t especially close to her dad.

“My goal is really to show how lovely and amazing she is. I look forward to the both of us hopefully laughing over this. What about the rumor that Grant and Markle have not spoken in a decade?

“We spoke in 2014,” Samantha swears.

“That doesn’t make us estranged by a decade… When you got someone in the family who is famous, just because they jet-set and have a busy, distracting life, it doesn’t mean anyone in the family is estranged…

“Our families have always been very much in touch. And certainly growing up, we were very close.”

Still… they haven’t talked in four years?!?

Grant simply chalks this up to Markle being “busy” with her career, which took off thanks to her role on the USA Network hit Suits.

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