Pacman Jones: Marvin Lewis ‘Saved My Life,’ PUMPED He’s Back with Bengals!

Bengals’ Pacman Jones

Marvin Lewis ‘Saved My Life’

… PUMPED He’s Back!

1/22/2018 12:45 AM PST


Pacman Jones is going to bat for Marvin Lewis on the heels of his head-scratching contract extension … telling TMZ Sports he couldn’t be happier about the Bengals coach getting 2 more years.
Pacman wasn’t kidding — saying the team’s struggles are the players’ fault, 100%, and calling Lewis “one of the best coaches that’s EVER been in the game.”
Jones even claims Marvin “saved my life” … probably ’cause he gave him a shot when no other NFL teams would touch him. 
Pacman also heaped a ton of praise on Joe Mixon and A.J. McCarron … and generally seemed to be in great spirits even though his season ended early. 
New year, new #squadgoals, right??

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