Paris Jackson Poses Topless In HIV Awareness Ad — Pic – Hollywood Life

Paris Jackson took to Instagram on June 5 to post an extremely sexy photo of herself topless to help promote awareness for HIV testing. Check out the shockingly provocative pic here!

Paris Jackson, 20, took to Instagram on June 5 to post a revealing topless black and white photo that was part of a Life Ball advertisement that is raising awareness for HIV testing and it was truly something to see! “🌍NE #lifeball2018,” Paris captioned the photo. In the confident snapshot, Paris can be seen wearing only a pair of unbuttoned jeans with her hair down. She’s standing with her arms folded across her chest while one of her hands rests under her chin and she has multiple words such as “Resistance”, “Survivor” and “Accept” written in black all over her upper body. The daughter of Michael Jackson also recorded a video for the ad.

Paris’ new photo is just one of many that the gorgeous star has shared of herself over the years. She’s a huge advocate for body confidence and whether she’s wearing no clothes or an entire outfit, she makes sure to not only look good but feel good too! In addition to Life Ball, she’s advertised for other companies such as Calvin Klein and she’s looked fantastic in every one.

When Paris is not taking amazing photos, she’s making headlines for other things. Her most recent newsworthy act was when she stormed out of a Dior fashion show in Paris, France. Eyewitnesses don’t know if she decided to angrily leave due to the rain that was falling during the show or if she was offended by the show’s antics that included a recreation of a Mexican rodeo with female riders doing stunts on dancing horses. Paris is a big advocate of animal warfare so exit raised a lot of questions at the event. Either way, as always, we’re glad she always stands up for who she is and what she believes in!

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